In HEARTS we create luxury home textiles exclusively produced with premium natural fabrics and adorned with the richest handmade embroidery.

The home is a unique part of life, encompassing individual style and function. Thus, we offer a collection of sophisticated fine home textiles for table, bedroom and bathroom.

Welcome to HEARTS – Hand Embroidery Arts®!

HEARTS – Hand Embroidery Arts® is a registered trademark of luxury hand embroidered home textiles from HEARTS family company.

The excellence of HEARTS home textiles comes from the unique richness of portuguese hand embroidery, which is based on decades of experience of the delicate hands from the Sousa Valley embroiderers, in northern Portugal.

Combining tradition and sophistication, we create the best quality home textiles, seeking to permanently reach the utmost satisfaction of our customers around the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility

HEARTS stimulates sustainable local development through the promotion of hand embroidery and the production of ecological home textiles.

Our attention to personalized service is also a priority. With that in mind we take a collaborative approach to help you create the home textiles you want. A design dedicated team is available to work with you to achieve your desired results.

The idea behind HEARTS – Hand Embroidery Arts® is simple: to represent your best resource for luxury hand embroidered home textiles.

Please browse through our website to get a better taste of what we have to offer, and we invite you to visit our company in the heart of northern Portugal, for a closer look at our passion for hand embroidery.

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